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MagicISO is a software program for Windows PCs that serves as a multi-functional tool for managing disc images:

MagicISO Download For Free and Software Reviews

MagicISO or also called Magic ISO Maker is a CD/DVD utility that could extract, edit, burn, and create ISO files. File storage in CD or DVD format features a slightly different mechanism. This application has existed since 2003 and is among the oldest CD Burners applications. Users are advised to generate a graphic file that is utilized in a CD or DVD to facilitate data transfer between storage media. This application can be noted for having a straightforward user interface.

The image file is called an ISO file. To produce an ISO file, you will need separate software. Performing various operations through this application is known as easy and fast. Magic ISO is among the disk imaging software for transferring data from storage media to various kinds of optical disks.

This application supports various kinds of ISO files, from the normal ones such as BIN, IMG, and NRG to the rare ones such as UIF Magic ISO utilizing the approach to writing to a visual disk. Files from a pc and other storage media may be moved to a visual disc having an ISO file developed by Magic ISO. There’s nothing fancy about the looks and visual design of the application. Magic ISO can create disk image files for various purposes, like for earning audio or video discs. Both aren’t needed since this application may be run lightly.

Magic ISO can write ISO files into three kinds of optical disks, namely CD, DVD, and floppy disk. Even to do various operations, it generally does not require plenty of resources. The kinds of ISO file creation vary, from creating ISO files for ordinary data, UDF, bootable disks, audio, or video, to game purposes such as XBOX.

Beginning burning, extracting, to editing, you can do it here Magic ISO is designed with a status column to show the image file creation process and the percentage of the process. This application is designed with an entire CD/DVD utility feature, Magic ISO can be simple to use. Users can decide the sort of signs of developing a new ISO file. The straightforward interface will allow you (even beginners) to manage to perform various functions easily. Then, Magic ISO will detect the optical disk that’s been inserted into the computer.

MagicISO is reliable if you wish to burn or extract CD/DVD for various purposes. Users may start creating ISO files by inserting the required files into Magic ISO. Although it is a classic, this application continues to be reliable. Furthermore, the raw file is going to become a graphic file utilizing the make ISO from CD/DVD ROM tool.

Its support for a lot of IMage file formats is something that needs to be appreciated, besides how light this application is when run. Interestingly, Magic ISO already supports converting video files from DVD to VCD AVI DivX or vice versa so they tend to be more ideal for each media player.

Key Features of the Latest Version

1. Broad Format Support

The latest version of MagicISO maintains its reputation for broad format support. It can work with a wide range of disc image formats, ensuring that users can handle their disc image tasks without compatibility issues.

2. Intuitive User Interface

MagicISO is known for its user-friendly interface, and the latest version is no exception. Its intuitive design makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. Navigating through the software’s features and functions is straightforward, facilitating efficient disc image management.

3. Disc Image Creation

MagicISO allows users to create disc image files from physical media, such as CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs. This feature is particularly valuable for archiving purposes, as it enables users to create digital copies of their optical media.

4. Image Extraction

Users can easily extract files and folders from existing disc image files using MagicISO. This capability is useful for accessing the contents of disc images without burning them to physical media.

5. Image Editing

The software offers robust image editing features, allowing users to add, remove, or modify files within disc image files. This is advantageous for customizing disc images to specific needs, such as creating bootable CDs or DVDs.

6. Virtual Drive Creation

MagicISO can also create virtual drives on your computer, allowing you to mount disc image files without the need for physical media. This feature is convenient for testing or accessing the contents of disc images without burning them to a disc.


1. Versatility

MagicISO’s versatility is one of its most significant advantages. Whether you need to create, extract, edit, or mount disc images, MagicISO provides a comprehensive solution for all your disc image management needs.

2. User-Friendly

The software’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels. You don’t need to be a tech expert to navigate and utilize MagicISO effectively.

3. Compatibility

MagicISO ensures compatibility with various disc image formats, eliminating format-related barriers and allowing users to work with a wide range of image files.

4. Data Preservation

MagicISO’s ability to create digital copies of physical media helps preserve valuable data, ensuring that your important files and documents remain accessible over time.

How to Use MagicISO

Using MagicISO is relatively straightforward. After installing the software, launch it and select your desired task, whether it’s creating a new disc image, extracting files, or editing an existing image. The software provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.


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