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Virtual CloneDrive is a freeware program for Windows PCs that lets you mount disk image files as virtual drives. This essentially creates virtual CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays on your computer, mimicking the behavior of physical discs without needing any actual discs. Here’s what it offers:

Virtual CloneDrive Download For Free and Software Reviews

Virtual CloneDrive Download For Free Latest Version The application was originally manufactured by Sly Soft. However, it came underneath the supervision of Elaborate Bytes following the former organization was power down Virtual CloneDrive is a wonderful tool for creating virtual ISO images. It can quickly run using all versions of Windows OS posterior to XP This application works such as a Blu-Ray drive or perhaps a physical DVD.

It works at a quick pace and consumes low system resources It eliminates the necessity of burning the CD. The applying setup could be downloaded for clear of a reliable online source. Run this software with administrative controls to avoid any limitations Instead, it lets you install the ISO disc on the tool and start examining the contents. It may be installed in either Full or Custom mode predicated on user preferences.

Certain optional components could be chosen too for enhancing its capabilities. Then find the directory for installation and your software is likely to be ready to utilize If you’re trying to find this kind of tool then download Virtual CloneDrive and see what it needs to offer. Virtual CloneDrive could be easily employed by inexperienced users because simple interface In the brand new version of Virtual CloneDrive, a couple of new features are introduced to improve the performance of the whole software exponentially. Its main window contains three tabs.

Under the Settings section, you can customize the essential working of the application For a start, the ElbyCDIO driver has been updated successfully. It may support as much as fifteen drives at a time.

Moreover, you can check the options named virtual sheep, keeping a history of recently mounted images, auto-mount last image, buffered I/O, show tray icon, and eject unmounts image file according to the necessity Not just this but force of this program has been reduced, especially on Windows and newer versions. Under the Language unit, some of the supported languages could be enabled including Arabic, Czech, Greek, French, and more. Info tab shows the information on the software version Furthermore, a couple of fixes may also be seen such as the UDF images that crashed VCDmount, which are completely settled.

Virtual CloneDrive provides support for multiple disc image formats. For mounting the image, right-click it and choose Virtual CloneDrive for opening the image The support of a wide selection of image formats including IMG, CCD, ISO, BIN, DVD, and more, makes the application reliable and easy to have along with. The application will create an electronic disc drive on the foundation of one’s adjusted settings. It is simple to make use of this virtual partition for saving data files. It can be unmounted by ejecting the disc image.

A proper history log is maintained that informs the device administrator about recently mounted images and thus helps them keep an eye on unauthorized actions. The major features which have played an essential role in causing the software a success are its flexibility and feasibility. The developers have emphasized keeping the item very easy It even offers some amazing advanced features such as an automount former image file use, an implicit eject button, and a set of recently active photo files. Therefore anyone can utilize it on the PCs even when they’ve never used an identical tool in the past.

Another feature that distinguishes it from other similar tools is its offered support for various common file formats To conclude, Virtual CloneDrive is just a useful utility tool that perfectly integrates along with your Windows PC and offers you a selection to mount disc image files with ease. ISO, IMG, BIN, UDF, CCD, and DVD are a number of the popular formats that can be compatible with this particular application This system doesn’t include any in-app purchases and other subscriptions.

In a nutshell, Virtual CloneDrive is just a useful tool for novices who wish to create a virtual storage area on the PC, but hesitate due to presenting no prior experience Once you obtain your drivers ready, it is simple to make use of this tool to perform various virtual discs all at the same time.

With this phenomenal software, they can now easily create ISO disc images Not just this but Virtual CloneDrive is very user-friendly as well. Furthermore, it needs few system resources and can run using those systems too where memory capacity is small Hence, the reviews with this software have now been great so far. If you’re buying a tool that could allow you to create an electronic CD/DVD, then download Virtual CloneDrive and explore more of its features.

Key Features of the Latest Version

Enhanced Compatibility

One of the standout features of the latest Virtual CloneDrive is its enhanced compatibility with a wide range of disc image formats. Whether you have ISO, BIN, IMG, or UDF files, this software can handle them with ease. This improvement ensures that you can use Virtual CloneDrive for all your virtual drive needs without worrying about format compatibility.

Improved Performance

The latest version of Virtual CloneDrive comes with performance enhancements that make it faster and more responsive. You’ll notice reduced load times when mounting disc images, allowing you to access your virtual drives almost instantly. This performance boost is a significant advantage for users who rely on virtual drives regularly.

Intuitive User Interface

Usability is a priority for Virtual CloneDrive, and the latest version doesn’t disappoint. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate. Mounting and unmounting disc images is a breeze, thanks to the streamlined design.

Advantages of Using Virtual CloneDrive

Space Saving

One of the most significant advantages of using Virtual CloneDrive is the space-saving feature. Instead of cluttering your physical workspace with stacks of discs, you can store all your images digitally on your computer. This not only saves physical space but also keeps your valuable discs safe from scratches and damage.

Easy Installation and Setup

Installing Virtual CloneDrive is a straightforward process. You don’t need to be a tech expert to get it up and running. Once installed, the setup is equally user-friendly, allowing you to configure the software to your preferences with ease.

Mounting Multiple Images

Virtual CloneDrive doesn’t limit you to just one disc image. You can mount multiple images simultaneously, providing quick access to all your virtual drives without the need for physical swapping. This feature is particularly useful for users with extensive disc image libraries.

How to Use Virtual CloneDrive

Using Virtual CloneDrive is as simple as it gets. After installing the software, all you need to do is right-click on your desired disc image file, select “Mount,” and Virtual CloneDrive will create a virtual drive for you. Accessing the content is just like using a physical drive.

Why Choose Virtual CloneDrive Over Other Software?

You might be wondering why you should choose Virtual CloneDrive over other virtual drive emulation software. The answer lies in its combination of compatibility, performance, and user-friendliness. Unlike some other options, Virtual CloneDrive excels in all these areas, making it a top choice for users seeking a reliable solution.


  • Convenience: Avoid using physical discs altogether, eliminating disc scratches and wear-and-tear.
  • Organization: Keep your disc image collection organized and readily accessible on your computer.
  • Space saving: Store large disc image files efficiently without bulky physical discs.
  • Multiple drive simulation: Run multiple programs requiring discs simultaneously without switching physical discs.
  • Free and lightweight: Enjoy all the features without any cost or significant system resource usage.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Windows-only: Currently unavailable for Mac or Linux systems.
  • Limited drive count: The free version restricts the number of virtual drives to 15, which might be insufficient for extensive collections.
  • No advanced features: Lacks functionalities like disc burning or image conversion found in some paid alternatives.

Overall, Virtual CloneDrive is a powerful and free tool for mounting and managing disc image files on Windows PCs. Its intuitive interface, broad format support, and multiple virtual drive capabilities make it a valuable asset for anyone who wants to ditch physical discs and embrace the convenience of digital disc emulation.


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