WindowTop Free Download 32/64 Bit For Windows

WindowTop Free Download 32/64 Bit For Windows

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WindowTop is far more than just a one-feature app. It is an advanced utility app with one goal – to make you much more productive during your work!

WindowTop Download For Free and Software Reviews

The WindowTop application can be an open-source tool that enables you to adjust the transparency of one’s Windows. In addition, it enables you to click. We first saw an offer for Bitsum Technologies, but it had been shown just once in the very first run. Eliyahu created WindowTop, an application that enables users to handle various applications on Windows devices. It can be used to arrange several types of windows and keep them updated with the most recent updates. 

The WindowTop Download Utility can be utilized to pin any window on the top, enable transparency, set a window’s dark/read mode, and shrink windows to a decreased size. It was created to assist you to assist windows more efficiently. It includes various features,

The settings menu is divided into four main sections and features various features. The very first section enables you to configure the many areas of the utility. The next section enables you to assign keyboard shortcuts to actions, and the 3rd section displays a set of applications WindowTop can install and use.

The program can run automatically after Windows startup is made. The very first launch asks whether to perform or not all time the device is ready. The application desires to boost the working of one’s Windows device by enabling you to handle various functions. WindowTop Download includes several features, like a new menu in the title bar and containers that may move throughout the title bar.

WindowTop is a versatile and user-friendly utility software designed to enhance multitasking and productivity on Windows operating systems. Developed by BiGilSoft, WindowTop offers a range of features and advantages that set it apart as a valuable tool for users seeking to optimize their desktop workflow. In this overview, we’ll explore the key features and advantages of WindowTop.

Advantages of Using WindowTop

Enhanced Window Management

Streamlined Multitasking

WindowTop simplifies multitasking on your computer by allowing you to pin, highlight, and keep multiple windows on top of others. This feature is particularly useful when you’re working on a project that involves referencing several documents simultaneously. By keeping important windows visible, you can significantly boost your productivity.

Transparent Windows

With WindowTop, you can make any window transparent, providing you with the ability to reference information from one application while working in another. This feature is particularly handy when you’re copying content from one window to another or comparing data side by side.

Window Shading

Window shading is a feature that reduces the opacity of a window, making it semi-transparent. This allows you to maintain focus on your active window while keeping an eye on important content in the background.

Visual Enhancements

Real-Time Preview

WindowTop offers a real-time preview of windows, allowing you to see their contents without switching to the respective application. This preview feature can be incredibly useful when you’re searching for a specific document or file.

Instant Zoom

The instant zoom feature allows you to magnify a portion of your screen for a closer look. Whether you’re viewing images, maps, or intricate design elements, WindowTop’s zoom function ensures you don’t miss any important details.

Customization Options


WindowTop provides customizable hotkeys for managing your windows efficiently. You can quickly activate or deactivate various features using key combinations, saving you time and effort.

Window Transparency Control

You have full control over the transparency of your windows with WindowTop. Adjust the opacity to your preference, ensuring a comfortable and distraction-free working environment.

Enhanced Productivity

Always on Top

WindowTop allows you to keep specific windows always on top, ensuring that vital information or applications are easily accessible. This feature is especially valuable when you need to monitor system performance or keep an eye on real-time data.

Improved Organization

By customizing your windows and using WindowTop’s features, you can enhance your organization and categorization of tasks and projects, leading to improved time management.

WindowTop is a valuable utility software for Windows users seeking to improve multitasking, desktop organization, and overall productivity. Its features, such as pinning on top, transparency adjustment, and virtual desktop enhancement, contribute to a more efficient and streamlined desktop workflow.


  • Enhances window multitasking and organization.
  • Offers helpful features like PiP and click-through for improved focus.
  • Provides customization options for a personalized workflow.
  • Generally well-rated by users on the Microsoft Store.


  • Requires purchase on the Microsoft Store (not free).
  • Some features might be available natively in newer Windows versions.
  • Some users report occasional bugs or compatibility issues.

Therefore, it’s important to clarify which “WindowTop for Windows” you’re referring to. To understand which one applies to your question, please provide some additional context. Did you find the app on the Microsoft Store, or are you looking for a way to bring a specific window to the top in Windows?


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WindowTop Free Download 32/64 Bit For Windows

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